My Second Wind Now
Midlife presents the opportunity to be fully Woman or fully Man!  That means GROWN and ADULT!  No one tells you what to do, you inform them of what you will or will not do.  You’ve earned that right.  The blood,sweat, and tears let you earn it!  Midlife allows you to determine the destiny you will fulfill.  You have a say.  You decide what matters most and what truly doesn’t matter at all.  Let me clarify.  We grow and we change.  This includes our interests, desires, focal points, etc.  As a midlifer, you won’t necessarily enjoy doing the things you did at 25 and it’s okay.  People have to adjust to your transition.  You don’t have to continue accommodating the needs of others.  If you do, you will never fulfill your own desires. 

Haven’t you noticed the nagging sense of urgency that creeps upon you at any given time?  It’s a sense of  knowing there is more to life than where you are.  There’s a burning passion to accomplish more meaningful things in life. Time is becoming more important  than ever.  Have you noticed how annoyed you become when you feel people are wasting your time?   This is because you understand the things you desire to accomplish and anything that goes against it or hinders your dreams irritates you.   Certain matters seem so shallow .  Your latter years provide hope of leaving a lasting legacy of love, faith, hope, acceptance, perseverance and justice. 

One day I  took a ride with my dog Missy.  The weather was beautiful…70 something…bright blue sky and a cool breeze.  As I rode down the Golden Isles Pkwy I realized just how much the simple things in life matter the most.  Here I was with a four legged creature that held such a peaceful presence.  She stuck her little head out of the window a few times enjoying the breeze across her face.  Now that’s life!  Not a care in the world just a freedom to enjoy the day as it comes.  It’s amazing how such a simple act of riding in a truck with a dog on a gorgeous day can serve as a reminder that there is a place of peace that we can enjoy if we simply would make the time to do so.
        I also realized the importance of family.  Every moment with family must be treasured  because time goes by so fast.  When you think of the fun times or those that have rescued you during the tough times, you’ll realize that you survived and have an opportunity to accomplish great things.  Even in the worse of families, there is always someone that’s worthy of love and acceptance.  When we consider our own potential to wound, disappoint, or fail others then we can better understand the need for mercy and compassion.  None of us are perfect, therefore, it’s more important to pursue reconciliation than to rehearse old conflicts.  Besides, holding grudges does more harm to the individual holding it than the one it’s held against.  Have you noticed that they are moving on and you are still left with the pain? Give up the grudge and get on with enjoying your family because you will truly regret the missed time once they are gone.

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    Thalia Elizabeth is  devoted to teaching highly motivated individuals (especially Midlifers) around the world to take action toward reclaiming their lives, live a life of significance and meaning, leave a legacy of service that will last for generations, make life a big party, have a whole lot of fun, and create a magnificent and spectacular 2nd part of life.


    June 2011



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