My Second Wind Now

Making This A Life To Remember

    Perhaps you are like me. See, I spent most of my life serving, supporting, and sacrificing for others and my desires were always last on the list. I enjoyed every minute of it at the time. Then one day I started wanting more for myself. I felt disillusioned by the current state of my life and set out on a journey for more meaning. I made up my mind to create the life of my desire. I am traveling, having fun, and able to help others to do the same. I'm fully determined to make this a life to remember and I hope you will do the same.

Fun Facts About Thalia Elizabeth

  1. I Love People
  2. I'm an Expert at Making People Feel Welcome
  3. I Have a HUGE Sense of Humor
  4. I Enjoy Making People Laugh
  5. I Believe In the Power of Courtesy & Kindness
  6. I LOVE MUSIC!!!!
  7. I'm a Dog Lover

Beauty for Ashes

In 2006, a fire consumed my home and my life and priorities changed forever. Every screenplay, manuscript, book idea, poem, or song I wrote went up in flames. Can you imagine the pain of watching your life's work go up in smoke?  My heart was broken and I thought all of my dreams died in the fire. Truthfully, I was tired of experiencing loss and losing and knew there had to be more for me. Deep down in my heart I believed that something beautiful could arise from this tragedy. I just needed my second wind.

So in 2008, I began the journey of self-preservation. I realized that I was tired and wanted to make major changes in my life. For me, it wasn’t a crisis, but it was a strong awareness that I was going through a major transformation and transition.   I decided that I would set on a journey to create the life I desired and deserve. Although I didn’t understand everything I was feeling, I wanted to go with it…and I did! 

I began to notice how dissatisfied I was with a lot of the experiences that I was having and the environment that I dwelled in…I WANTED OUT!  I no longer wanted to work or serve in toxic environments or around toxic people. I spent the following years, creating a plan to better my life through creating systems for self-preservation. 

The first step was spending quality quiet time to connect to my life vision. I had to discover and rediscover many things because I had lost so much. I couldn’t recognize my purpose anymore. Yet, this time alone restored my strength and energy.  I truly found my second wind…and I’m still finding it…EVERYDAY!

"Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking  the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what's going to happen next."~Gilda Radner